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About E.l. Studios 

Hi I'm Esteban Larrañaga, president and founder of

E.L. Studios LLC. 

As professionally as I take photography, video, and design, I find the "about" page should be truly who I am. 

That being said, hi!


An obsession to creating perfection is what you can say has taken me where I am today. 


As a young boy, design, music, and the automotive industry were a passion for me. Creating new things and not being afraid to use my creativity led to me constantly pushing my comfort zone. Being exposed to photography from a young age, I learned techniques from my father and applied them to capture moments, whether around cars or my mother's interior design projects. 

In highschool, I used my love for the automotive industry and film to capture stories about the car culture in Miami. My work became recognized by my highschool's nationally ranked broadcast news team CCNN Live. I also have multiple recognitions from the Florida Scholastic Press Association, 1st in the nation from Student Television Network for "Best Sports Broadcast Story", 2nd in the nation for "Best on the spot Commercial" (4 hours to film and edit a commercial), and an Emmy for the 1st in the nation sports broadcast story. 

Currently, you can find me at your local automotive event taking pictures of cars going way too fast way too close. Using my writing and photography to create the next biggest automotive lifestyle brand: Fuel Files

With all these credentials and a passion for creating, I kept moving forward and created E.L. STUDIOS LLC. to be able to do what I love and share my passion with like minded, creative individuals, and clients who ever they may be.


So, what do you say? 

Let's work!



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